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Other Recommendations


  • Attend workshops or online courses on TypeScript and Zustand
  • Participate in open-source projects using the required tech stack


Highlight specific projects demonstrating use of React and modern front-end technologies

Weakness and recommendation

Familiarity with TypeScript


Gain hands-on experience or training in TypeScript

Familiarity with modern state management tools (Zustand)


Learn and implement Zustand in personal or freelance projects



Front-End Development


  • Opportunity to work with modern technologies in web development
  • Part of a multidisciplinary team that emphasizes on human-focused data and intelligence


  • Requires specific expertise in React, TypeScript, and state management tools not yet mastered


  • Experienced in single page web-app architecture
  • Proficient with ReactS and NodeJS

Cover letter

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Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my keen interest in the Product Designer position at Apple, as...

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